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Healthcare in Italy

Healthcare in Italy

Healthcare is a key concern for any parent when living or moving abroad and getting to grips with a new system can sometimes be confusing however well you speak a language. MumAbroad has devised a healthcare section which aims to help Mums & Dads familiarize themselves with the system from the way it is structured to interviews with Healthcare Professionals.

The good news for those who have relocated to Italy is that in the WHOs last health care ranking in 2000, Italys healthcare system was ranked as the 2nd best in the world after France.

All citizens are entitled to healthcare via the National Health Service “Servizio Sanitario Nazionale” and will be assigned a GP according to where they live. If you are employed in Italy your company is responsible for paying your health insurance/NI contributions. You just need to go to your local health authority “Azienda SanitELocale” to register with a doctor. You will be sent a health card and unique health number by post. The SSN is responsible for providing medical tests, medication, surgery and specialized medicine as well as the administration of medical drugs.

In order to avoid any lengthy wait or if you want to choose a private hospital (of which there are several English/International hospitals in Italy) many Expats choose to pay for private healthcare in addition to the SSN. Most of the major international healthcare providers operate in Italy.