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Atelier Sul Mare, Castel Di Tusa

Art Hotel Atelier Sul Mare is a hotel-museum of contemporary art unique in the world, just a few metres from a wonderful sea, in Castel di Tusa, near to Cefalù.
The dream of many people is to spend a night inside a museum, to fall asleep within an art work. Antonio Prestí has radically changed the idea of a hotel room.
The Prophet, The Mouth of the Truth, The Nest, Mystery for the Moon, The Shadow Line, Energy, Im Boarding on a Paper Boat .... each room is a creation.
As well as art rooms there are standard rooms which exhibit ceramics and pictures and installations. The hotel is a 3 storey mediterranean style building overlooking the sea with 40 rooms, and a spa.

"Hotel-museum - a creative dream - a few metres from the sea at Castel di Tusa."