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Birth Course

Silvia Bianchi is a midwife based in Monza who teaches a 7-week birth course at The Milk Bar in the center of Milan. This birth course is offered in Italian and English with simultaneous translation, allowing both Italian and expat couples (who speak English) to be fully informed and prepared for their upcoming birth experience. The course offers an hour of yoga plus an hour of theory, which covers a wide range of topics over the 7-week period. Participants in the course also benefit from a discount on products at The Milk Bar store.

"The Milk Bar is a wonderful space with a great variety of products for expectant moms and babies and the owners, Kathy and Amy, are both very helpful and knowledgeable. The courses offered at Milk Bar are also fantastic. I took prenatal yoga in English with Kathy through the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy and I absolutelyloved it - it helped me to keep in shape and also learn some great breathing techniques that proved very helpful in labor! I also took the birth preparatory course (percorso di accompagnamento alla nascita) and thought it was extremely useful - the information I learned in the class prepared me very well for birth and the first few weeks with a newborn. I highly recommend the Milk Bar to all current and future moms! Its a very special place!" (AP, May 2014)