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Moving to Italy

Italy - One of the Best Places to Live

Italy is becoming a really famous destination for people to relocate to. The reasons for that are numerous. But probably the fact that attracts expats the most is the mild temper of the locals. Italian men and women are welcoming and warm that love relaxing, celebrating and socializing with friends and family. This sort of relaxations and celebrations usually take place at a restaurant or at home. All Italians have a strong passion for communicating. For them conversation is nothing less of an art form. This could be a great advantage for you, as you will never feel lonely or left out. While walking down the streets or stopping at a cafe, it is likely that you get engaged in an animated discussion on all sorts of topics – wine, food, gossip, politics, work, etc. Regardless of whether a small countryside town or a larger city, the most famous meeting place remains the piazza. These are not only places for meeting with friends, but also spots where celebrations, gatherings and festivals are organized.

Learning the local language is one of the first things you will have to do. You might find it difficult, but making an effort to do so is crucial. Plus, the locals will surely appreciate it if you talk in their own language. Relying solely on English will not help you get the most out of your stay in Italy. Sure, many people speak English to some degree, but it is definitely no universal and you cant always rely on someone to translate for you.

The number of expats in Italy is constantly growing and currently their community is a relatively large one. The largest communities are in Puglia, Marche, Tuscany and around Rome as well. However, the southern regions of Italy are also gaining popularity with expats, but the communities there are still quite small.

The property buying process in Italy could be a little bit complicated for foreigners, as there are some additional taxes and payments involved. Find as much information about the legal matters surrounding the process as you can before you go house hunting.

The first thing you have to consider prior to moving to Italy is where you would like to move to. The country is really diverse and each one of its regions have its own charm. Thats why you need to do some investigation before you decide where to move. For example, if you prefer a flat area, you should not settle in Aosta. Similarly, if you want a more of a hilly place, avoid Puglia. The northern region is famous for its spectacular scenaries, clean air, world class skiing, but if you dont like snow, this is not the place for you. The central part is best known for the coastal lines and mountains of Abruzzo and Marche, the lush and vivid countryside of Tuscany and Umbria, the convenience and variety of Lazio and the proximity of Siena, Florence and Rome make the central regions of Italy most appealing for one to live in. For many people, the green hills and cypress lined roads of central Italy are what represent the country best. The southern regions, known as Mezzogiorno, are not such a famous retreat as the northern and central ones, mainly because of the higher crime rate. Places, such as some parts of Palermo and Naples are definitely not advisable to move to because of the number of gangs. However, the charms of Tropea, Maratea, Taormina and Capri definitely compensate and there are a lot of opportunities to find a nice place and to move to your own property there.