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Rita Kobrak - Mum and Baby Experience

Rita Kobrak - Mum and Baby Experience

Rita Kobrak runs Mum and Baby Experience in Caprese Michelangelo. Mum and Baby Experience is a complete holiday for mums with their baby or toddler where mum can enjoy some relaxing time doing yoga and cooking lessons while she knows that her children are safely looked after
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  • Rita Kobrak - Mum & Baby Experience

    What exactly is the Mum and Baby Experience and why was it founded?
    Mum and baby experience is a complete holiday for mums with their baby or toddler where mum can enjoy some relaxing time doing yoga and cooking lessons while she knows that her children are safely looked after and entertained but also have quality time with her baby/toddler and happy holiday memories to cherish forever. We have 2 kinds of breaks, relaxing yoga and cooking breaks and fitness breaks for those mums who want to loose a little weight. It was founded after having my daughter 6 years ago. I used to work as a guide around Europe, but didnt want to be away from my beautiful daughter.I always travelled a lot alone with my daughter when she was small but realised many mums were a little daunted by travelling with their little ones alone. As my previous job involved looking after guests on holiday (a part of my job I loved), and my main passion is travel , I decided to set up a travel business where I could help other mums have a great holiday and take my daughter along.(and now my baby son too).

    What is your professional background?
    My background it tourism. I worked for 19 years around Europe as a tour guide and loved it. I have also done some teaching (mainly children)and worked in a nursery school in London. The fact that I have worked with children has helped with setting up the mum and baby experience. For example while the mums are doing yoga I "teach" the children some Italian songs. They love it. I also like organising and looking after our guests which was a main part of my job when I was working as a tour guide. My mother is Italian so I am fluent in Italian and speak some French. We have guests stay from all around the world.

    What is Caprese Michelangelo like as an area for young children?
    Mum and baby experience is located close to Caprese Michelangelo in N.E. Tuscany. Caprese Michelangelo, the birthplace of the great artist is a small walled village with stunning views of the Tiber valley and Lake Montedoglio. There are a few ex-pats living in the area .As Italians love children the locals are curious when our mums and babies arrive and make a big fuss of them. There are great family owned restaurants close by. I take our guests to the Ravagni olive mill where we have lunch with the owner and his family. They make such a fuss of the babies and the mums get to have some delicious Tuscan food and home made wine. There are some great walking area near our house and on the fitness breaks we do some lovely walks. The locals drive past and hoot and wave at us , often asking if we want a lift.

    What is a typical day for holiday makers at the Mum and Baby Experience?
    A typical day on the yoga and cooking break would be breakfast under the pergola outside overlooking the lake. At 11am there is a yoga class with Renata by the pool in the upper garden while the children are looked after in the lower garden. At 12.30 we have lunch for the children and lunch for mums is at one. In the afternoon mums can relax by the pool or read a book or go for a walk. Myself and Fernanda are happy to look after the children or mums can take them with them. At 4.00 there is a cooking lesson, maybe pasta making or spelt soup, a local speciality. At 5.30 we have our second yoga class for mums followed by a delicious dinner with wine. On one of the days there are spa treatments available while we take care of the babies and toddlers. On the Wednesday we visit the local medieval town of Anghiari and market followed by lunch at the nearby olive meal which takes place in the Ravagni family courtyard. It is not a comercial restaurant, we go there as I know the owner so the toddlers get to run around in the garden while the mums sample the local wine, olive oil and whatever Mamma has cooked that day.On the last night we make pizza and have a pizza party outside where guests can have a go at using our outside pizza oven to cook their pizzas. On the fitness breaks we have a personal trainer from London who does yoga, cardio and zumba and I am afraid there is no wine or pasta on these weeks but guests loose bewteen 1-2 kilos and still enjoy their food.

    How have you found the whole experience of starting up your business? Were people receptive from the beginning?
    I am so happy I set up my own business and enjoy doing the mum and baby experience. My main challenge is the marketing and spreading the word about our holidays. All the mums who have come have loved their holiday and some have returned a second time. But as my background is not marketing I am still very much learning to promote myself.

    What advice would you give to other mums wanting to start up their own business?
    My advice to mums thinking of setting up their own busiess is dont think too much, just do it, but make sure you are passionate about what you want to do. My business is not going to make me rich, but it makes me happy, I get to be with my children all the time and I love what I do.

    If anyone would like to come to the mum and baby experience please contact me on 0044 (0) 7785 571292 or Our website is

    The holiday suitable from 3 months to 6 years and partners,grans/friends welcome too. We have cots, highchairs ,car seats , baby equipment and plenty of toys.

    Our prices include all food,wine, accommodation in stunning villa, classes, babaysitting during classes, excursion to local village and airport transfers to/from Perugia or pick up Arezzo station.( Flights are not included and we can arrange transfers from other airports)

    March 2014